How are legends made? Are they born under auspicious signs in the heavens or is their birth more of a phoenix rising from the ashes? Possibly both, and certainly John Meluso took the second path. Born from pain, blood, and oceans of tears, John found a path of resurrection. John discovered keys to recover from a past of financial, emotional and physical devastation. Discovered from ancient wisdom and contemporary knowledge, John offers these keys to you for your success at every level.Whether John Meluso attains legend status is less important than the legendary keys for success offered through his programs. Entertaining, engaging and immediately practical for everyone’s use makes John Meluso’s information as crucial as air and water.Being in the Who’s Who of Professional Speaking since 1992, and a Certified Speaking Professional since 2001, John Meluso long ago vowed to provide simple and easy to use keys for success in all areas of life, and keys that were not only new, they must be innovative, effective and guarantee success. Thankfully, John has succeeded in all his vows. Now is the time for you to Guarantee your Own Success, and Become YOUR Greatest!

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Mark Victor Hansen, CSP, CPAE and NY Times Best Selling Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, says,”eye TALK is captivatingly compelling, irresistibly attracting and a brilliantly original way to communicate. I love this novel technique, its originator and most importantly, its results.”

ABC News interviews John Meluso on the “four hidden languages” in eye TALK