"For my Friends" 
Complimentary Gifts 
Tools to connect  with more people  and create wellness!

Since you are receiving these gifts, I consider you a part of my extended family, a peer, a guide in my business and professional life, or someone I truly respect.  Thank you for all the kindnesses you have extended to me. Now it is my turn to gift you with three of the most meaningful and empowering tools to enrich your life. 

The three gifts below, are easy to understand and vastly impactful creating dramatic results.  Upon upon completing any or all of the three, your feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Gift #1 Qi Gong Health & Wellness, remarkable results and so easy to learn!

Gift #2 Evolutionary. Proven, Communication Tool!

Gift #3 Understand Touch, the most misunderstood of all our senses!

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    Gift #1 - Video describing a 2500 year old Wellness tool for balancing the systems in the body!  Take the four day challenge and improve your life dramatically!  I wiped out 15 years of pain in four days.  What will your story be? Easy, impactful, dramatic!
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    Gift #2 - We all know the value of communications. and the damage caused with miscommunication. How many miscommunications have we missed?  Improve communication 100% in all areas of life!  Start with the Free Profile!
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    Gift #3 - Do you understand the value of touch?  Are there ways to increase the amount of respectful touching in your life? Do you want to reap remarkable benefits?  Start Touch Please Calisthenics now! 


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