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Ready for a Genuine Miracle with Your health & wellness?

• Life wearing you down?
• Do you have pain which seems to have no answer?
• Is your mind less clear and peaceful?
• Do you have much less vitality than you did even last year?

Over 2500 years ago, an emperor in China commanded his extremely healthy martial artists, to develop a system of exercises so the emperor and his family could be equally as healthy. Respecting his command, they developed a series of exercises to create vibrant health. These exercises are known today as Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Since health is more than just exercise, a Buddhist monk, Bodhi Dharma, & the TCM doctors of the time, blended and refined this system to include food choices, flavors, herbs, sounds, movement & meditation for a complete wellness system. When the body is out of balance, various symptoms arise we call illness. By understanding what is out of balance, combined with methods to return to balance, we begin steps for vibrant health & wellness.

Face pain, stop suffering!

Listening to our body and understanding what pain is saying to us, is crucial for true wellness. Pain happens with all of us, physical pain, mental pain, emotional pain, and often this wonderful feedback loop, limits our effectiveness. Often our strategies, include numbing pain with medication or denying/avoiding it with diversions, instead of facing it. When we are children, when we place our hand on the stove, we know to move our hand. How would it work, if instead, of moving our hand, we simply take an aspirin, or later a more powerful pain reliever? Or my hand is getting warm, let me watch TV or take a drink of alcohol, to forget about the heat on my hand!

Certainly, the heart ache of a lost relationship, or emotional loss of a child, it is very difficult to determine what the "moving of the hand" requires. Facing pain is the first step.

I had a great deal of pain and more. The fingers in my hand were falling asleep and becoming useless, my back pain not only affected my walking and standing greatly, it was making me irritable beyond description. My body wasn’t working well, at all. I chalked it up to aging and while seeking relief the best I knew with the Chiropractors, MD’s, Acupuncturists, and Therapists of various kinds, nothing was working. At a meditation retreat, I met a man in his thirties, that told me he had back pain so bad, he passed out mowing the lawn. He had tried everything, as I did, and finally he found Chinese herbs. The herbs took two hours to prepare every morning and in thirty days, his back pain was gone, never to return. After suffering for so long, I was willing to try anything.

Unfortunately, the doctor he found was unavailable. The doctor only spoke Vietnamese, was unavailable via phone or email, and was in California, but I got the recipe. I took it religiously for thirty days, and got 10% better, so I was headed to get more herbs when I met, Dr. Andy Miles. He had written several books about regaining health with a combination of understanding Chinese medicine combined with Medical Qi Gong. We met at a National Speakers Association breakfast meeting and I asked him about my formulation that I was headed to purchase. He said that the formulation was for the back, and was more of a shotgun blast. He suggested that I come in and get a laser shot for my condition. He asked me questions, discovered I had “Fire in my Liver” and gave me four days of herbs and gave me exercises to do. I am not sure if the exercises, or the herbs or both working together was the most important. In four days the pain was gone, and I realized that Dr. Andy Mile's DOM recommendation wiped out not only the acute condition I was aware of, but over 15 years of pain I had learned to tolerate. I have new health and vitality, and as far as I am concerned, beneficiary of a “Genuine Miracle”. 

Now, I am a certified Medical Qi Gong Coach/Teacher, and am interning as a Diagnostician, to help develop an exercise program and point people to professionals for further help a return to balance.

Compelled to share this with as many people as possible, enter the  Qi Gong videos, and Qi Gong Health and Wellness, is one of the first Health and Wellness Winnovations.  Now, I do Qi Gong an hour per day, and encourage as many people to experience this miracle for themselves. 

Are you ready for YOUR Miracle? 

John Meluso

Certified Speaking Professional, CSP

Early in 2014, my life changed. My name is John Meluso, a Certified Professional Speaker and author. I suffered acute agonizing pain for a year and a half that dramatically limited my life. Going to Western style doctors, Chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncture doctors, with very limited results, I suffered. While remarkable healthy all my life, this pain dramatically dismantled my wonderful life one agonizing day at a time. Fortunately, I discovered Chinese medicine, purchased a four day supply of herbs and received four days of Tai Chi/Medical Qi Gong instructions.
Only four days supply of herbs! At the end of four days of herbs, and eight hours of exercises, my pain left completely! In fact, becoming a daily participant in Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes, I realized that the pain I experienced was building for over 15 years. Fifteen years of pain was now gone. 
You never know the pain you are in until the pain is gone!
After four years of daily practice of Tai Chi and Qi Gong, I am now known as NEW John. My energy is up, my weight and appetite are down, and my mental clarity astounding.  As Dr. Andy Miles DOM says, with the right “microflora in your intestines” you begin to release natural opiates and endorphins which give you a natural high. 
Managed pain becomes suffering . . . a pain free life is truly worth living. I feel that my CSP also stands for "Caterpillar Surrendering Pain."  I am now much more of a butterfly than ever before. For the wellness and health of yourself, loved ones, and associates, please consider implementing Qi Gong as a daily discipline. The results of this implementation are far reaching and will be delivered rapidly.
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